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ANIMATION is a fast-appear high compensate career option. It is broadly used by many institutes like Animation, Studio, Post management studios, advertising corporation, Gaming Association, Television Channels for Interior designing, Cartoon, defense action, medical research, movie industry, Web-based animation, Investigation department, Space research, Animation. ADORO INSTITUTE OF MULTIMEDIA is serving for this enormous industry to enlarge the statistic of Multimedia expert with fine nature.


ADORO INSTITUTE MULTIMEDIA is a best animation training and production center functioning under WORLD MULTIMEDIA ASSOCIATION. Being a direct representative under WORLD MULTIMEDIA ASSOCIATION, its focal point is on delivering Quality course at a universally affordable cost. The regularly growing animation industry has opened innumerable career choices to students and working people ahead. It is this bond that ADORO INSTITUTE OF MULTIMEDIA has concluded to make these plentiful opportunities available to students worldwide.

Adoro Multimedia | Graphic Designing

ADORO INSTITUTE OF MULTIMEDIA is an educational association broadcast Multimedia education to students at the best aspect under the infinite control of WORLD MULTIMEDIA ASSOCIATION. With franchisees, Production hub and division all over Tamil Nadu, students are being served with the best training to uptrend their career. The integrated teaching process has been seal out, by combining the strengths of proven and potential automation, restricted to fit the student's career needs through the experience of outstanding professionals.

  • We have counseled many programs and activities under the ceiling of WORLD MULTIMEDIA ASSOCIATION, at other educational institutions, to conjure the creativity of students towards Multimedia. These activities and programs have drive thousands of interested students to spin out qualified to learn multimedia.
  • Free basic classes on IT FOUNDATION for all the students who come in.
  • Free Participation in Workshops and Seminars for all the students.
  • Web based training by making opportunities available for students to earn as an entrepreneur, by handling business orders by themselves, immediately after three months of Joining.
  • Career guiding programs for all students.
  • Amazing Placement Kits for promoting interest in their career.
  • Free spoken English and personality development classes.
  • Free Workshops for colleges upon request on defined syllabi

The Speculate for our success lies with the commitment and dedication of the directors, who are fully concerned in the field with sense of complete devotion.

  • Administered by enthusiastic and qualified professionals.
  • Highly qualified technical team for Faculty training.
  • R&D for development of syllabi, revising of syllabi, progressive improvements in study materials.
  • Won a National Award 2009 from Govt.of INDIA, for the site E-VELANMAI, (a bilingual site) from Governor- TAMIL NADU. The website was completely designed by ADORO MULTLIMEDIA INDIA P Ltd, for THE CARDS, TNAU, Cbe-3.

The basic idea behind the establishment of ADORO MULTIMEDIA INDIA PVT LTD, under WORLD MULTIMEDIA ASSOCIATION, is to carry on production activities such as Editing , designing, Game development, Indoor MATT shooting, compositing and several alternative Multimedia Works UNDER ONE ROOF. All these are directed under the management giving opportunity to the students as an internship for the training during their tenure. Hervoice Production is also part of ADORO MULTIMEDIA which involves in all multimedia activities.